Testimonials of our costumers
Sneaky Sunday Review
...a husband and wife serving up the best damn homemade cupcakes in Miami. Read more


"I forgot to say how much we loved those precious dreamcakes. I have Celiac disease which means I am allergic to gluten and after 2, I was fine, just licking my lips wanting more. Best Wishes to you."
Paul Jacobs & Family, Westport, CT.

"...during the commercial I ate two. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..."
Lynn Martinez, Miami

"I have never tasted better cupcakes EVER!!! They are delicious!!! I am wondering if I can have a menu list of your cupcakes. I was only able to try your chocolate cake with choc. chunks/white frosting and sprinkles!! Mmmmmm! What else do you bake???Thanks, New customer for life."
Yesy, Miami

"I took my first bite and I almost died. These were the most buttery, moist, spungy, fluffy, cottony, smooth, silky, decadent, rich, sweet, creamy cupcakes I have ever had in my life. I shared them with my niece and mom. We had a few bites of each and we came to a conclusion -- from now on weekends will be spent trying a new cupcake with a nice cup of java (they serve their own coffees too). Karla S., Miami

"These cupcakes are simply AMAZING! I'm becoming an addict and you know what WHO CARES? Life is too short so I'm going to eat as many buttercream cupcakes as I possibly can. So anyways.... the people working there are very nice, makes me want to go back, I can seriously od on the frosting if I could, its so darn amazing! Thank you Buttercream for baking the most amazing cupcakes in South Florida!!!"
Denise P. Miami