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I have never tasted better cupcakes EVER!!! They are delicious!!! ... Mmmmmm! What else do you bake???Thanks, New customer for life. Read more

Frequently asked questions

Buttercream cupcakes & coffee
How much advanced notice do I need to place an order?
We recommend at least 48 hours advanced notice (please allow more time for holidays and large orders), but if you forget to call in your order give us a call and check on our cupcake availability. We will try our best to accommodate your order that same day.
Can I order any of your flavors?
Since we have such a small kitchen, we can only take orders from the flavors available on the day you want your order ready (if your order is for Friday order from Friday's flavors), but it does not hurt to call and ask and see if we can accommodate your special order.
How does your flavor schedule work?
We currently have 18 cupcake flavors, and offer 8 to 12 flavors a day. The schedule shows a minimum of 8 fixed flavors a day (solid pink hearts), and the other flavors are selected at random from the daily available options (pink and yellow hearts).
How long do Buttecream Cupcakes stay fresh?
Buttercream Cupcakes are best enjoyed at room temperature the same day they are baked, however they are still great the next day. If you are planning on keeping them longer we recommend you freeze them in an airtight container.
Do you bake your cupcakes in-house, or do you buy form a wholesaler?
At Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee we always bake our cupcakes in-house on a daily basis, and throughout the day as needed.
Do Buttercream Cupcakes contain trans fats?
No, Buttercream Cupcakes contain no trans fats.
Are your cupcakes made from scratch?
Yes, Buttercream Cupcakes bakes all of the cupcakes from scratch using only the finest ingredients such as Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and sprinkles imported from France.
Do you deliver?
Yes, we use a courier service for local deliveries, and there is no minimum order required.
There is a delivery fee based on your location.
Is Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee a nut free establishment?
Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee is not a nut free establishment. We also bake with dairy, flour, and sugar, so Buttercream Cupcakes are not recommended for people with gluten or nut allergies.
How much are your cupcakes?
Our cupcakes are $2.75 or $33.00 for a baker's dozen (13 for the price of 12).
Can you do cupcakes for my wedding or special event?
Yes, please see our special occasions page.
Can you write on our cupcakes, or do a cupcake cake?
We do not do write on our cupcakes, and do not do cupcake cakes. We have a nice selection of cupcake trays, and cupcake stands for you to chose from, and sell candles that spell out "happy birthday".