Testimonials of our costumers
Lynn Martinez, Miami:
...during the commercial i ate two. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more


"...since their debut the duo have been winning locals over with their eighteen cupcake flavors and coffees. "I can't just have one of them," says downtown resident Jimmy Vega, 28. "I usually get a few of the chocolate chip and Oreo on my way home from work." Everything from a simple vanilla cupcake to more adventurous selections such as Oreo, lime, mocha, chocolate peanut butter and coconut are on the menu, which varies daily."

From the The Miami Herald website.

"Here we go again with the mom & pop dessert suggestion but in this case it's a husband and wife serving up the best damn homemade cupcakes in Miami. All of the flavors are completely unique and original and the menu changes daily. They also have fantastic coffee..."

From Sneaky Sunday, under 'Best Dessert' in Miami section.

"...we all really enjoyed them and the vanilla was a truly rich vanilla, the kind that's a little off-white and clearly made with real vanilla. I tasted them all and they were all very rich..."

From the industry expert on cupcakes: Cupcakes Take the Cake.

"Most commercial bakers and professional cake decorators replace unsalted butter with vegetable shortening or lard to achieve better aesthetic results at the expense of taste. At Buttercream Cupcakes and Coffee, you can find the real mouth-watering deal. They keep the design on the cupcakes simple in order to maximize buttery-ness, and with add ins like oreos and key lime, these cupcakes are sure to please."

From the South Florida Menu Pages website.