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Pfeif on Chowhound says:
The people working there were very pleasant and I, along with my 8 year old daughter and her friend loved the cupcakes so much that we went back for more that afternoon! Finally, Miami can give New York a run for it's cupcakes!Read more

Coffee and tea

Expresso: hot or iced Tea latte Frosted coffee Frosted Tea
espresso chai spiced latte coffee green tea
americano chai vanilla latte vanilla latte chai spiced latte
latte chai chocolate latte mocha chai vanilla latte
cappuccino Coffee white chocolate mocha chai chocolate latte
mocha hot brewed coffee coffee caramel Basics
vanilla late iced brewed coffee dulce de leche cold milk
caramel latte Tea java chip steamed drinking chocolate
caramel macchiato brewed hot tea Frosted lite coffee natural spring water
iced tea lite vanilla latte
lite caramel latte
lite mocha

Our specialty roasts include a buttercream espresso blend, a buttercream house 100% Colombian roast, and also a Buttercream Sumatran blend, each available in regular or decaf and for sale by the pound. We are also proud to offer hand-crafted teas from Mighty Leaf including green, black, herbal, and white whole leaf teas.